Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Nina’s Latest Work

Nina has delved into the world of painting. These are her first acrylic paintings on 5" x 5" canvases.
She has taken some black and white vintage photos, manipulated them in photoshop and applied them to her canvas as a base to begin her painting. This is a great way to learn to paint. Several illustration instructors when I was in art school used this method for their paintings. Although back then, we were not using home computers and printers, we were relying on xerox machines to manipulate our photos. The benefit is that you see exactly where to put shadows and highlights while you paint. This helps you to understand how to make an image look dimensional, while you transform the photo into a unique new image with paint.


  1. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Nina's paintings are wonderful.
    How did she transfer the computer work to the canvas? KS

  2. Paint a coat of gel medium on the canvas, then the back of the paper with the image, press it onto the canvas. A breyer rolled over the top helps smooth out any air bubbles and helps to adhere it. Then paint a layer of gel medium over the top of the paper. let dry.

  3. Ok, maybe Nina should write my half of the dang book.

  4. Nina's art looks great. The little size is very appealing too.

    Is it an inkjet or laser printer you have for producing the initial images?

  5. They are printed from a little inkjet printer. painting a layer of gel medium over the top creates a good surface to paint on and helps to keep the ink from smearing while painting.Inkjet prints do hav a tendency to smear when wet, unlike toner prints. really it does not matter what kind of printer you are using. the image will be completely covered in paint in the end anyways. It's just another tool to help in the process.

    besides a blank white canvas can be very intimidating for a beginner.

  6. I've tried other experiments with my inkjet prints and know how they can smudge so I wondered if the gel medium would counter this. I've been preparing to do some paintings of my garden and this was the step I was needing. Thanks for the info!

  7. Very interesting. I have some old tin types and ambrotypes of relatives, that I have scanned. The originals are deteriorating. I thought it might be a good idea to do oils of some of these old pictures. The colors on the tin types are very subtle, so I have been trying to think of how I might go about doing these portraits, other than the usual way. I am more of an expressionistic artist, so realism doesn't always work for me. I'll have to try this technique and see if I can keep from getting carried away while I paint.
    Very interesting site. I've just started my own blog and I have a lot to learn!

  8. Anonymous5:46 PM

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