Thursday, July 12, 2007

The first Cute skirt

This is the first Cute Skirt I made.
The one I said was poofy in the back. I thought about reworking the skirt by ripping out all those stitched and zig zagged seams, But the thought of all that ripping and reworking waistbands was more work than I wanted to do. So I ripped open the casing in the back, leaving it sewn to the skirt. Pulled the elastic out of the way and just restitched the 4 back seams starting about a foot below the waist tapering in until the seams were about 1/4" smaller at the waistband. Then I just continued sewing through the waistband fabric to decrease its length as well. You can not even see it in the gathers. I pinned the waistband back in place then while stretching out the elastic, sewed the casing closed.

Now I have 2 cute Cute Skirts.


  1. Perfect and creative solution! And a really cute skirt.

  2. I just made one yesterday and it was very poofy, so I ended up ripping out one of the panels (so now, 3 panels in front, 4 in back) and it was much cuter! Maybe I was just making the wrong size.


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