Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blogher Conference

Last week on one of the blogs I frequent I saw a post about the Blogher conference that is going to be here in Chicago. It looks like a great line up of sessions for women who blog. They have all sorts of topics like: getting custom: what web designers know (don't we all want to know how to mess with that mysterious html coding and try to make our blogs look the way we want?), the art of storytelling, taking your blog to the next level and the art of crafts (all about the craftblogging community) with speakers like Crafty Chica and Amy Sedaris. How fun is that? I think I have to go.


  1. Why do you get to have all the close-encounters with famous people? No fair. I want to go listen to Amy Sedaris -- heck I'd like to hit Mr. Gyro with her at about 3am - you up for that, Jude?

  2. I'll be there too and I'm thrilled that the Crafty Chica and Amy Sedaris will be there. Any craft/art stores in the area? (probably a dumb question, but would love a real chicago dweller's view)

  3. in that part of downtown it is mostly big department store retail. Michigan Ave is fun to walk up and down for that. If you go south of the river and over to state street you will find the big discount retailers, filenes basement etc. There is a Dick Blick on State just south of Madison. That is always good. Paper Source is on Chicago and Wells with Pearl art supply across the street. All of that is walkable from navy pier but Papersource and Blick are about a mile in opposite directions.


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