Monday, July 16, 2007

My Sons First Exhibit

My 13 year old son Ty is going to be in his first exhibit at Columbia College Book & Paper arts gallery in Chicago this month. He is passionate about origami, he has been doing it since he was 4 years old. At that time I taught him to fold a crane and a water bomb, the rest he has learned on his own. It is amazing what kids can learn when you provide them with the tools and opportunity.

Here is the press release:

Columbia College Chicago’s Center for Book & Paper Arts
July 28 – August 25, 2007

Chicago, IL – Can you imagine a traditional origami crane folded by a 13-year old to the size of a flea in perfect form? Or a mathematician turned origami folder who is regularly hired by the medical industry to fold something so small that it can fit into a shunt and expand in a human vein? It’s All In the Fold is an exhibition that takes a world look at the way paper transforms itself when folded. More than an amusement, origami today also teaches mathematics and geometry. It's more than just cranes and snowflakes. Try tessellations or tetrahedrons, dodecahedrons and other polygons. Origamic furniture, folded paper lamps, airplanes and a few naughty folds are all on the horizon.
Chicago and international paper folding artists and teachers will amaze you with the dexterity of their folds. It’s All in the Fold has attracted some of the world’s most celebrated folders.

Among the Participating Artists and Folders:
Ingo Maurer
Peter Webber
Yuko Nishimura
Robert Lang
Venessa Gould – of Green Fuse Films
Ty Perez
Bradford Hansen Smith
Jennifer Diaz
Museum of Sex
Frederick Bryant
Ann Hansen
Christine Edison
James Dieter
Joshua Koppel
Michael LaFosse
Chris Palmer

WHEN: Exhibition runs July 27 – August 25, 2007
OPENING: Friday, July 27th, 5:30-7:30
WHERE: Columbia College Chicago’s Center for Book & Paper Arts
1104 S. Wabash Avenue, 2nd floor


  1. Judy! Congratulations. You must be very proud! My boys were kicked off the chess club, so I wouldn't know how you feel, but good for you! And for Ty. Is he a math wiz too? Yay for homeschooling!

  2. he loves math and science. We took an algebra class (me too, I am not a math wiz) when Nina was 15. Ty was not even supposed to be taking the class at first, just hanging out while Nina and I took it. He was fascinated and joined the class. He learned fractions, decimals and long division along with algebra, got an A in the class and had the highest grade on the final.

  3. Oh I forgot to mention he was eleven at the time.

  4. Chris Palmer’s Shadowfolds were also there. See more of Chris’ work at


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