Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The batting thief

Often when I am making a quilt and there is batting exposed I feel a tug from the other side of the table and see a fast moving object go by trailing white fuzz. Other times I might be working on a quilt related project and have pieces of wool batting laying around in places that I think are safe from small roving beasts. Next thing I know my pile has shrunk.

Abby has a crate that she keeps all her toys in and anything she finds of interest. It is usually filled with napkins and batting that she shreds into fluffy clouds. I wonder if chihuahuas have squirrel in their lineage.


  1. That is so cute! And she doesn't ingest it? Trumpet would swallow it whole.

  2. Oh no, she just holds it with her paws, grabs it in her teeth and pulls her head back. When she is all excited, she does a lap around the room, shoots into her house, shreds a few times and comes out. It is like her release. She is so silly.

  3. But it makes such a nice nest, Mom! ;0)

  4. Oh my that is so hilarious! I just came accross your blog today- it's being promoted on the main page. My cats also have a strong love of batting...maybe they are related to chihauas?

    Thanks for sharing this great story

    YazBerry Fashion

  5. Saw your blog on the main page. This is so cute! My dog does the same thing except he "collects" rocks from my yard and puts them in his outside crate before he comes back in the house. When he goes back outside he always checks to make sure they're all still there. Glad to see I'm not the only one with a collector dog! Have a great day!


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