Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fabric dyeing

I have been dyeing more green fabric to work on two other agave quilts. I still have not resolved the background of the excisting agave quilt, so maybe if I just move forward with the other two I will figure it out.
I have been dyeing fabric with this pouring method lately, it seems to give me good variations in color and value. Some have a beautiful watercolor painterly quality.
I tried some deep reds as possible backgrounds for the agave quilt

but they did not seem to be quite right.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Sweater Progress

The cables progress and look like they might actually become a sweater. This one is made from cotton. It is very soft and feels great, it will be perfect for the fall. I am going to have to try making another cable sweater out of wool for the cold Chicago winter.

The Frieda green sweater as mentioned earlier moves along at a slower pace (not as interesting or challenging) but the color sure is pretty. This is the Soleil top from Hopefully I will finish it before the weather changes.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Salmon Creek, California

Believe it or not, this is where we used to live when I was a teenager. It's 75 miles north of San Francisco on Highway 1. Three miles north of Bodega Bay (of Alfred Hitchcocks "The Birds" fame).
I was thrilled to find this picture on the internet yesterday, the 500 square foot cinder block house we used to live in is still there too.

In fact the whole place looks exactly the same. This picture was taken in 2003, obviously the winter rains had not started.

I'm planning a trip to California next month and thought I would drive out to Salmon Creek (I havn't been there in 15 years) from my moms house in Davis. After that I'll drive down to Los Angeles to vistit family and friends and take my son to the Origami in Science, Mathematics and Education conference at Cal Tech.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Look Em, I'm making cables!

I was so impressed with Emily Parson's fabulous black cable sweater a few months ago. I was determined to learn to make cables too. I started this with the leftovers from my last sweater (that I still have not done the finishing on) just to see if I could do it. What do you know, I had to make another yarn order from knitpicks so that I can keep going. The pattern is the "Must Have Cardigan" from Patons. And I am knitting it out of Knitpick's Shine Worsted. I think this may take a while, this is thinking knitting. I also started another top in Freida green that is conversation knitting. (I'll post a pic of that one in a day or two) I have discovered that I like having a project going in each kind of knitting to suit my mood or situation.

Monday, July 10, 2006

There's a Place Called Mars...

There's a Place Called Mars...will be going to World Quilt Show New England in Manchester, New Hampshire. I am glad this quilt will hang there because the song that this quilt is based on was taught to Girl Scouts all over New England in the early 1960's. My sister learned the song when we were kids living in Kittery, Maine.

Lotus blossom tank

I finished this top from the summer issue of Interweave knits. I added a velvet ribbon under the bust on mine because once again I made it a little big. (Not hugely big like the last sweater) I knit a whole other top at the same time as this one from another interweave pattern from 3 years ago which also came out too big. When I finish the details I will post a pic. I always knit a sample for guage so that is not the problem, I think they end up big because I knit the size for the bust circumference (not the bra size). I think depending on the sweater I will have to choose which measurement makes more sense.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Abby Poo bags designed by Nina

My daughter Nina presented me with her new product design, a personalized doggie doo bag dispenser for Abby, (shown holding the prototype at right). I am amazed at how professional her mock up is, and her illustration of Abby is so cute. One more thing for her portfolio, at the rate she is going, she could probably skip art school and get a design job now.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

yearly window cleaning

today I was surprised by seeing a man on a little wooden seat dangling outside my window using a suction cup to hang on to the window. We were supposed to take out all our screens on the lower half of the window but we have 25 window screens that are over 3 feet tall with screws in the top sill and most are about four feet away from the floor, except for 6 that are twenty feet off the floor. The management said that we could have one of the maintenance guys remove them for 10 bucks a screen. $250 for clean windows? We are just going to have dirty lower windows until next year when the boxes and my dismantled sewing table are no longer blocking the windows.


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