Monday, July 12, 2010

An Urban Naturescape

I have lived just west of downtown Chicago almost 5 years now and I am always amazed by the things I see. While walking my dog this butterfly flew right into my hands then fluttered out and landed on me, staying there for several minutes.

My neighborhood is an industrial area of old brick factory buildings with lofts, galleries, restaurants, food processors and butchers, there is a lot of concrete and not so much in the way of grass, besides the little strip along the sidewalk behind Harpo studios, so of course that is dog paradise.

This is one of the few gardens in the neighborhood, it is just beautiful and attracts lots of butterflies.

My dog Abby refused to look at the camera/phone,  while standing next to all these bright pink petunias. You can tell by those pulled back ears she was very annoyed about it.

I was taken by surprise when I saw this tiny baby bunny running across the sidewalk ahead of me. He was so cute, you wonder where does a little guy like that sleep around here.


  1. That's definitely not a domestic bunny. It's one of the small wild ones we see in our back fields. It is surprising to see one in a big city! The cats and dogs catch them around here (Washington state).

  2. Jean, that was one of the things that surprised us most when we moved to Chicago, you see those wild bunnies all over the place. Although I have seen them less in our neighborhood since it is so urban with very little greenery. There are no outdoor cats and the dogs here are all on leashes, so they are safe from those predators, lol.

  3. lovely post Judy.If if Abby wasn't so thrilled!

  4. Where the rabbits go, so go the flowers!

  5. Nice post Judy! I totally get it.

  6. I had no idea there were wild bunnies in the city!! Amazing. The butterfly photos are beautiful! Poor Abby does look annoyed! lol

  7. What a beautiful little garden - especially with the old brick in the background. Poor puppy not wanting any photos. What an adorable bunny. I'm surprised Mr. Bunny hasn't eaten all the flowers!

  8. Lovely sequence - and on an overcast day here, lovely to see someone has sunshine!

  9. Years ago when I lived in the River West area of Chicago, I was similarly surprised to discover bunnies living in a vacant lot between my loft, some neighboring factories and the neighborhood Irish pub. It's impressive, even encouraging, to see how well wildlife takes advantage of those small, green patches in the city. It's also amazing to see how upset landlords get when a tenant decides to help the wildlife along a little by leaving regular offerings of bunny food outside. :-}


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