Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A little travel knitting

I am leaving Wednesday for Long Beach to teach at International Quilt Festival. I always like to have a small scale knitting project along for those times when I am passing the hours at the airport and flying.

I came across this free pattern for arm warmers on Ravelry.com, it looked like just the right balance of complexity to keep it interesting, but a pattern easy enough to memorize for stress free knitting. I am knitting this with some of the possum/merino/silk yarn I bought in New Zealand on size 2 needles, it feels so soft and a little fuzzy.

After festival I will going to Los Angeles for a couple days to visit family and a few friends, then I'll fly to Northern California for a visit with more family and friends, before returning to Chicago at the beginning of August. Blogging may be a little sporadic, but I will try to post whenever I can.


  1. Travel-Ravel...cool!

    Enjoy your "vacation".

  2. Have a great trip. Wish I was going to Cali, too.

  3. Wishing you a safe journey. Have a wonderful time visiting with everyone! (Looks like we may get sunshine here on the So Cal coast by the time Quilt Festival arrives.)

  4. Gerrie, you need to go to festival one of these days, I know so many people would love to meet you in person after knowing you online for so many years! I guarantee you would have a blast! You and Terry should make a road trip to Long Beach!

  5. Have a good trip.I like you knitting article so much.You give me much inspiration. Thank you.

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