Thursday, July 29, 2010

International Quilt Festival Long Beach: Day 1

It was really great being back in Southern California, such a nice break from Chicago's humidity and I love catching up with so many friends here.

My first class at festival was Mixed Media Painted Fabric, we had a cavernous room to spread out and work in.

I really enjoy this class because, each person uses the technique of combining printed paper images with paint and fabric, then creating an overall secondary painted image using multiple layers of paint and paper.

The final work is something unique which will become even more interesting when it is stitched with quilted designs, adding finer details and visual dimension with thread work.

I always have so much fun meeting adventurous women like these who are willing to push the envelope and do something a little different in my classes.

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  1. wish I could have taken this workshop. those pieces look great!


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