Sunday, July 18, 2010

Remember this?

Last February I told you I was working on a project I couldn't talk about, well, now I can! I was dyeing silk for an article for Vogue Patterns Magazine. This is the August/September issue.

I dyed rayon/silk velvet with a variety of hand dye techniques using Rit dye to make a scarf using 6 rectangular panels of fabric that are sewn together in such a way that it creates an ever changing patterned scarf.

The rayon/silk velvet was dyed to match the fall fashion forecast colors using shibori, ombre, low water immersion and solid dye techniques, that are all explained in the article.  The scarf can be worn all scrunched up with lots of different fabrics showing or hang long and drape-y as shown on the mannequin. This was a really fun scarf to make from a Vogue pattern, I will definitely be making another for my fall wardrobe!


  1. This is really cool, Judy!!

  2. Fabulous. Very beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous! Love all those color and pattern combinations. It makes for a truly lovely scarf. Would ♡ to see more!

  4. Excellent! I used some of your dyeing techniques back in March when I made my mother's table runner. I can't wait to try more!

  5. gorgeous scarf and fabrics! yum.


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