Thursday, October 22, 2009

We are a sophisticated group

Rachel Perris, Leslie Jenison, Jamie Fingal, Melly Testa and Frances Alford.

I think Jamie is calling on the forces of the great spoon Goddess.

Iris Karp of Mistyfuse struggled to make a spoon stay on her nose, but after repeated attempts she finally had success, which we decided must have been attributed to her use of Mistyfuse.

Susie Monday also achieved spoon success.

Nina's nose is so small she couldn't get a spoon to stick, but she had great success with a fork!

Kathy York and Rachel

Leslie, Melly and me

Rachel and Leslie

Dinner with friends has to be one of the highlights of festival.


  1. Must have been some serious drinking going on! LOL! Too much fun.

  2. A Ya-Ya Sisterhood if I've ever seen one! :D

  3. Actually, It doesn't take much to get us going. We were all pretty loopy from lack of sleep and the joy of seeing each other again after such a long time. Festival has become a sort of reunion of creative spirits for many of us.

  4. Plenty of great memories to carry us through the year! Love seeing everyone else's pictures. Oh the JOY of it ALL.

  5. Ohhhh, wish I had been at that dinner! You guys are hysterical!


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