Thursday, October 08, 2009

Must Have Cardigan Finished!

With the arrival of fall and cold weather, I decided to pick up the sweater that I started last year and finished it just in time for the chilly mornings we are getting here in Chicago.

The best part about this sweater besides the soft cotton yarn from Knitpicks is the fact that it actually fits!


  1. Gorgeous... and it looks so warm.

  2. A true work of art! And the bonus is it fits :o)

  3. All that I can say is WoW WOW WoW !

  4. Beautiful! It won't be cold enough in Houston for it, unfortunately, although maybe in the Convention Center.

  5. Good morning Judy,
    Love this sweater! You did an amazing job! I am trying to learn to knit a sock. It's not going too well yet, but I will keep trying.

  6. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Your sweater looks lovely! I still have not started the one like your beautiful purple one. I've been knitting socks for me and my daughter and afghan squares for shop samples. Too many things in the queue.
    Wish I were going to Houston. Maybe next year.

  7. this is a stunning sweater! Wish it was something I could find in a shop.
    :-D eirdre

  8. This is so on my Ralvery list to knit. Just love it. Just need to finish up a feather and fan sweater for my little girl.


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