Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Signs of fall in Michigan

This weekend my son and I went on a teen retreat with several other families in Michigan.

The weather was cold and rainy, but there were wonderful breaks in the rain for peaceful walks with camera in hand.

I really enjoy living in downtown Chicago, but I do miss the sound of crickets, rustling leaves and soft springy grass under my feet. I found that I was more conscious of the sights, sounds and smells of the natural world than the times when I have lived with it on a daily basis.

I guess my love of fairy tales also makes me want to see into the other worlds that exist around us, like the microscopic ones on the forest floor.

These lovely little ball shaped mushrooms in the moss caught my eye after a full day of rain.

Then I saw these little mushrooms and this gooey looking toadstool.

Most of these photos were taken on my Cannon elph but the vibrant photos of the mushrooms below were taken on my iphone and then I altered the photos with a free HDR app on my iphone.

Now, it's time to get back to the real world, organize supplies, pack my bags and make preparations to head for Houston next Tuesday for International Quilt Festival.


  1. Those CLOUDS are so inspiring I want to PAINT them!!

  2. How beautiful. I have a collection of photographs of mushrooms and fungi that I have taken - they are all unique. What a wonderful place for a break.

  3. Really beautiful pictures on your iPhone no less! Amazing. I love fall, the bristle of leaves under your feet. The cool breeze on your face. Puffy clouds that hang on a blue sky. Nothing like Fall. See you next week - counting down the days!

  4. Mushroom quilt!? ;-) Great photos! See you soon!!!!!!!

  5. Lovely photography, particularly the first shot.

  6. Love your fungi photos! Beautiful!


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