Friday, October 23, 2009

Group art making in the wee hours

On Wednesday Leslie and Jamie ran to Texas Art Supply and picked up some fun after hours art supplies, which included a two yard piece of primed canvas, various sponge and paint brushes and acrylic paints. After dinner we gathered in their room in our jammies and started painting. No theme, just put some color down and go, while we talked and laughed, giddy from long activity filled days, lack of sleep and enjoying seeing each other again after way too many months (or a year for some) apart.

Leslie Tucker Jenison

Jamie Fingal

Rachel Perris and Frances Holiday Alford

Saturday I brought all my leftover paint from my classes, hoping to lighten my load. The canvas has progressed since I took this photo, we still have to decide what to do next. I am sure there will be more to come with this project...


  1. Oh, how wonderful! I love doing art in my jammies (a benefit of an in-home studio!) The Beet is GREAT. Seems like the project would look great on stretcher bars, art canvas style? Will the finished piece be donated to a good cause? It's so happy!

  2. WOW! how completely fantastic is this. Looks like it was great fun.

  3. So much beauty out of your collective exhaustion! Incredible. Can't wait to see more of the progress.

  4. That looks like so much fun. It definitely looks like a COLLABORATIVE effort between good friends -- everything blends, yet there are distinctly different elements. What a cool way to memorialize your time together.

  5. This just makes me smile and LOL. Oh, what fun we had! Great pictures Judy. I need to go and buy some Setacolor paints after doing this project.

  6. This is marvelous! I'm currently organizing a group of women in our area to get together each month and do something similar. Thank you for the unintentional reinforcement! Lisa

  7. What a feast for the eyes. It just shouts to the fun you all must have had doing it!!! So, now what happens to it??? I heard rumors it was going to be cut and resewn. At any rate, this would make a great on-line/off-line opportunity quilt for a fundraiser for Susan G Komen! Am eagerly anticipating the next chapter!

  8. I can see this hanging in a children's hospital, or other such place that needs a bright spark of fun!

    word verification..."bleve"...believe...sweet!


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