Saturday, July 11, 2009

One month until Copper book retreat!

If you are like me you have been feeling that low grade stress building for months. I know I could really use a little creative get away. Want to spend a weekend in the woodlands of Wisconsin making copper and canvas mixed media books with me? The weekend of August 8-9, I will be sharing my process for making these books at Whispering Woodlands in Verona, WI, just outside of Madison.

Besides having a fun, relaxing weekend doing collage (or bricolage), painting, working with fabric transfers and learning to emboss and color copper metal, you will also get a Creative Metal Tool kit courtesy of Walnut Hollow.

So come spend the weekend sharing stories, laughs, ideas and nurture your creative spirit, I would love to see you there.


  1. Wish I could go! I sure need the get away, and could not think of a more relaxing (and creative) way!

  2. I so wish I could come!! sniff My daughter lives in Madison and I would really like to see her AND to take your class.

    Can't though -- but I can daydream, right?


  3. Ohhhh this sounds like just what I need right now, a weekend with other artists in a retreat setting- lovely! Have fun!


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