Monday, July 06, 2009

Chicago Origami Society

A couple months ago a film crew showed up at the Origami Society Meeting my son Ty goes to. The film makers work for the city and usually film Mayor Daley's activities, but since they were on a hiatus from the Mayor they were working on a few personal projects, including this one. It was so funny to see Ty with his long hair again, he cut it really short a couple days after this was filmed. I think this will be aired on a local cable access show too, for the month of July.


  1. This is something my stepdaughter just started getting into. She loves it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous8:54 PM

    This was really fun. I have loved origami for a long time and I had the chance to do it again recently. Our son just married a sweet girl of Japanese heritage. They folded 1001 cranes to display at the reception. I got to help and made about 100 of them out of beautiful gold foil.

  3. My kids and I folded a thousand cranes right after September 11th, to help process the events. They were going to school back then and so we got the art teacher involved and had the school make a thousand cranes too.

    I think the process of folding so many cranes with intention is so healing and meaningful when you see them all hanging together, it really makes a powerful statement.

  4. what a handsome son you have Judy!

  5. Thanks for sharing the video Judy, my kids got a big kick out of it. Now one wants to make an origami dragon!


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