Tuesday, July 28, 2009

International Quilt Festival Long Beach

What an awesome show! On Friday, I drove to Long beach and was amazed by the crowds at the show, both friday and saturday morning they opened the doors 15 minutes early. The vendor aisles were crowded with eager shoppers, there was definitely a more optimistic feeling here than I felt last Spring at the Chicago show.

Here are a few of the people who were doing open studios friday:
Beryl Taylor
Jane LaFazio
Leslie Tucker Jenison
Jamie Fingal
Melanie Testa and Pokey Bolton co-taught a workshop using stencils with various kinds of media.
In the afternoon I taught my fanciful felted fruits workshop.After my workshop I went to the SAQA/Art Quilt reception for wine and cheese and hang with my peeps. It is so wonderful to reconnect with long time friends at festival. After the reception ended we were in need of some real food and an ever growing group of fellow art quilt enthusiasts 15 of us in all (many of them from Temecula) went out to dinner.
Photo provided by Carol Niles, thanks Carol!

Here's Melly and Pokey.


  1. I wish I could have been there with you instead of with comic books all day!

  2. aw common Cheryl, you know you were at the coolest spot in all of southern california over the weekend. Now if Johnny Depp and Tim Burton showed up in Long Beach, it would be another story, lol. I bet Comic Con was a major blast!

  3. It was a lot of hard work, but cool too. But I would also rather be sewing/learning/hanging out with you guys!

  4. Judy - I am so glad that you decided to come to Festival in Long Beach. It was great to spend time with you. Dining, bonding, laughing and just being together as artists and friends. Nothing like it. I look forward to Houston, my friend.


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