Saturday, July 18, 2009

Make it University Samples

I modified the design of the Metal Magic project somewhat for the workshop in Long Beach, making the kits with a piece of white cotton fabric (on right) for making the image transfer. I thought some people may prefer that look to the canvas, but I am bringing squares of canvas for people to use instead if they like that better. I also have reduced the size of the grungeboard, I like the proportion of that backing better than the larger version done in the previous workshop. If you are going to IQF Long Beach stop by MIU and say hi.

Felted Fruits Workshop is Friday at 4:30pm
Open Studios at 10:15 Saturday morning
Metal Magic 4pm Saturday
followed by the not to be missed Surviving the Runway


  1. I can't wait to come see you at LB! And see these lovelies up close!!

  2. I will and I'll be buying my lottery ticket and thinking positive! I intend to have my ticket pulled for each workshop I enter! Weeeeeeeeee! See you soon.


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