Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Make it University Chicago

On Saturday and Sunday I taught a project for Make it University called Metal Magic.

This project gave participants the opportunity to try out Lesley Riley's transfer paper TAP (I pre-printed it with images from my paintings), hand sewing canvas to aluminum metal, embossing and cutting the metal with decorative scissors and painting grungeboard, a very cool hybrid of chipboard and some polymer type material to make a fun little wall hanging.

I like seeing how each person makes their project unique with embroidery
or special painting motifs.It was fun seeing my friend Lynne Croswell from Vermont in my workshop. Lynne and I first met in Houston a few years ago. The quilt show is always such a great place for making new friends.


  1. I have just found your blog and am enjoying looking back at your older stuff. Also nice to peep at what your workshops are up to all the way from the UK!

  2. wow judy! great project. those lucky MIU students. BTW, I'm still waiting for my bird from you...please, please make me one so I can buy it.


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