Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Caught in the act.

How could anyone resist a soft pile of freshly dyed cotton batting to snuggle up in? Unfortunately for Abby, that batting needed to be used for something else.

A project for RIT dye.


  1. O THAT'S cool... which begs the question How? Could you suggest a tutorial or something so I can get a feel for the "How" of what you did there? Beautiful!

  2. It looks like that pile of luscious batting was in a sunny spot too -- I certainly wouldn't be able to resist!

  3. i think i am going to have to try making up some of this stuff. the look and sort of texture of felt but at a much more affordable price. i have such a huge stash of batting leftovers from longarm quilting, what a better use could be found. thank you judy for all the inspiration you have given me and others this past year and look forward to more. my grand daughter leaves satureday, i cannot believe a month went so quickly, then i can get back into my sewing room and start getting some things done. but am i gonna miss my baby girl!

  4. Judy, I like what you're doing with batting. Here's my new trick...rather than using yarn or roving inside my felted balls, I cut thin strips from my wool batting scraps and roll them up for my felted balls. It felts like any wool and I'm so excited to finally have a use for those scraps.

  5. Carmen Rose,

    cotton batting is so easy to work with. I cut out shapes and appliqued them by hand with embroidered blanket stitch or with a machine stitched zigzag. I layered blocks on a large background piece of batting and machine stitched them with a wide zigzag or blanket stitch. I added hand stitched details with embroidery floss sewn with all 6 strands.

  6. Anonymous11:40 AM

    your pup looks as irresistible as that snuggly batting.

    love these new pieces, and especially the acidy green color you got for the border on the lower one.

    thanks for sharing & happy new year judy! time for me to stop slacking & go make something too, freshly inspired here.

  7. Abby loves to keep warm doesn't she! What better thing than Batt?


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