Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy but not much to show

So it seems like I have not been doing much, but I really have. It's just not a whole lot I can show you.
In the non creative realm I have been trying to tackle the excessive files we have accumulated in the file cabinets. I don't think we need every phone bill from the last 20 years as well as a lot of other unnecessary paperwork.

I also have a kitchen table covered with utility bills and statements that need to go somewhere. So I bought a shredder, this thing is a shredding dynamo. I bought and returned a shredder two years ago, that overheated after only a few minutes of shredding and needed a 20 minute cool down before shredding anything else. This time I did my research and got probably more than I need, but boy does it work great.

I have also been preparing for the classes I am teaching in February, buying paints, ordering inks, dyeing fabric, copying class notes and materials and organizing samples.

And I have been working on a project that I am doing with a group of other artists. I can only show a few details for a teaser.


  1. I know what you mean about all those papers! The nice thing with computers is that for most bills it is now possible to go on-line and save a pdf file. I save the files to my computer & shred all the bills. That way if I need to refer to something I have a copy but I don't have all those filing cabinets full of files! It works great for bank statements too.

  2. Yummy! It looks like something from one of my old nursing books! Can't wait to see it (and you for that matter!)

  3. I have the same shredder. It is a total workhorse, I don't know how many of its wimpy little brothers and sisters I tortured to death before I finally got that one! LOL!

  4. thought it was only fair to share with you that your blog banner and incredibly beautiful work inspired me. so much so I had to blog about it (and I linked the post to your blog)! cruising the blog-o-sphere I came across your work, going from one artist to another, from one medium to another etc. always a fun way to spend an hour (or more!). thank you, your work is wonderful.


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