Friday, January 16, 2009

-18° F?

How can it get that cold? that was the temperature at 6 am. The wind chill last night was -40°, now it has warmed up to a balmy -13°. The interesting thing about temps that cold is how crystal clear the air is. It is like the lenses in your glasses have been changed to super focus, everything is so crisply defined and sharp.

I am glad the sun is shining, because it really warms our place up with all the large windows, the heat hasn't even come on since the sun came up.


  1. OMG
    OMG again.
    I read on Wanda's blog sidebar(she lives out in Sandwich IL) that it was -26°...not the windchill. Just the stinkin' temperature. I guess it holds true that it is milder closer to Lake Michigan, but still not THAT much.
    I hope there is no reason to leave your apartment until this abates.

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Well, I have to say that your post makes me feel like a wimp for complaining about -9!

    I'll also say, though, that it made for an incredibly lovely view of the stars last night!

  3. So true about the super focus thing. The other thing about minus temps, especially when then get to 20 and below, is you can't get your breath. I experienced this my first winter in Wisconsin. As a native Idahoan who had experienced some pretty cold winters, this really shocked me. I always figured once it got below zero, it didn't matter if it was minus 10 or minus 40, cold is cold. Not so!

  4. yeah...those numbers are kind of dh installs furnaces and boilers so he is out in that cold most of the day. it got up to a sweaty 20 today but snowed all day long. mark has had to snow blow two days in a row and who knows what tomarrow brings....the sky was incredibly clear last night and all the stars.

  5. Is that the view from where you live? cool.(no pun intended)

  6. this is the view from our balcony looking west over the Harpo studios roof.


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