Monday, April 14, 2008

Surviving the Runway

If you have never seen Surviving the Runway at one of the IQA shows you are really missing something wild. This time there was a 70's disco theme, using authentic 70's albums to create wearable pieces of art. Here is Pokey with her editors Helen and Barb posing before the class started. Aren't they cute! Peace and love Bay-bee!Allison from the Art Girlz told her sister Tracy (short pink hair) that she was needed over in the MIU area, little did she know what she was walking into. You can see it on her face that she has now realized her fate. Sisters can be so cruel. As a fellow younger sister, I can totally understand how much fun Allison had watching this.
Part of the class involved dancing to "the hustle", I was having high school flashbacks watching this.
Pokey has such a great staff. I am sure Barb and Helen never imagined that their job at Quilting Arts was going to include this.
Tracy modeling her finished work.
Here is the lovely lavender tinted Kelli Perkins with her album.
They were all having so much fun.
Each contestant modeled their art while doing their best catwalk moves to Abba's "Dancing Queen" for Pokey's husband John.
There were five winners who scored great stuff from the Quilting Arts booth. What a hoot!

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  1. Thanks. These posts are not as good as being there but almost. Curses on that pesky day job that keeps me tied down!


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