Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quilting Arts TV again!

This is what I couldn't tell you about the other day, Quilting Arts TV had a camera crew at the show. I taped a segment making the Fiesta Ornaments. This will be shown sometime during the third or fourth season.

I tell ya. it was not easy sewing metal on a sewing machine I have never sewn with before while being filmed. It would be nice if they could do more than one take, so when it does not go quite right the first time you get a chance to do it again. It did work out ok, but it was a little stressful when I found there is no way to lower the presser foot into position manually before starting and then I reached over on the side for the fly wheel to lift the needle at the end and it wasn't there.

For more MIU and Open Studios highlights be sure and check out the Quilting Arts blog.

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  1. very brave...nothing like doing something that important on a strange machine. i dont know about you but i definately have a major bond with my machine, a pfaff 7530 which i traded "down" from a 7550 that i hated...which was mutual with the machine too :-)


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