Saturday, April 26, 2008

The last Fiesta Ornaments

Things have been busy. My sister Deb has been visiting since the quilt show and you know how you have to got to all those places you don't normally go except when someone from out of town is with you...
I have also been working on two interviews, shuffling kids to activities, shipping quilts to the Denver National Quilt Festival for the Chicago School of Fusing Exhibit: Pressing Matters and we have friends from Los Angeles in town this weekend. I keep thinking things will slow down soon.


  1. gosh! i cannot believe how much i love those ornaments. maybe i missed something...are they for something special or was just a fun project?

  2. These were the ornaments I started for the IQA Festival to demonstrate the process in open studios. I originally designed the ornaments for the Quilting Arts Gifts issue. I really enjoy making them, once I start the little paintings, I just want to paint more and more.

    I love the combination of the shiny decorated metal with the painted fabric after the metal is sewn to them and embossed.

  3. this technique was in qa's gift did i miss that. i gave mine away. shoots. i just love them


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