Sunday, April 13, 2008

Open Studios

Open Studios was filled with so many people doing cool stuff. I wish I had gotten pictures of everybody. Here are just a few of the wonderful artists at work. The darling Lynn Krawczyk incorporates all kinds of interesting objects and images in her art quilts.
Here's Beryl Taylor working on an embellisher making her beautiful mixed media art work.

Bernie Berlin divides her time between altered art and finding homes for needy dogs. She had the most gorgeous paints, insanely vibrant and rich that begin as powder pigment that you mix with acrylic medium. There is both acrylic and textile medium that can be mixed with the pigment. I am thrilled to hear Quilting Arts is going to carry them in the store soon. I can hardly wait to order some, I love trying new products.
Frieda was busy making fused fiber cards, they were just like her beautiful quilts in miniature.


  1. The "Open Studios" look fab! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. It was great to see you again at the show. Thanks for taking a moment to chat with me!

  3. looks like everyone is having a great time. i am about to slog into the kitchen and dye some major yardage...i have everything covered with freezer paper...i cannot wait until my studio in the basement is complete but i am learning to use what i got. snow is finally starting to melt...maybe i should scoop some up and try my hand at "snow dyeing" before it is all gone.


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