Monday, May 18, 2009

Wanna get away?

and spend a summer weekend in the woodlands of Wisconsin making copper and canvas mixed media books with me? I have been invited to share my process for making these books at Whispering Woodlands in Verona, WI August 8-9, just outside of Madison.

Besides having a fun, relaxing weekend doing collage, painting, working with fabric transfers and learning to emboss and color metal, you will also get a Creative Metal Tool kit courtesy of Walnut Hollow.

So come spend the weekend sharing stories, laughs, ideas and nurture your creative spirit, I would love to see you there.


  1. Lovely! I wish I lived closer to Wisconsin (or had unlimited funds, lol).

  2. om gosh that sounds like so much fun. i will have to contact them tomarrow and see what is up with your class. i would like to share a room with someone cause i guess i will be going by myself or maybe not. i havent gone on a retreat without dh coming along and i think it is about time to stretch my wings and get a artful pal to come along...i have an idea. i would really enjoy taking this workshop. i have a dye class up in marquette mid july that i could use those funds to fund this awesome opportunity. i am stoked. i dont know anything about any of this stuff...are beginners welcome, i mean, i have never worked with metals before.

  3. Susan beginners are absolutely welcome, I will be teaching how to emboss the metal as part of the workshop.

    Funding art through art is always a good thing, seems like a karmic thing to do :)

  4. I've seen these first hand and they are lovely! Sorry I can't make the class but know everyone will be having fun!

  5. Judy, canvas and copper are a winning combination, especially in your hands.

    Whispering Woodlands looks amazing. I will add it to my list of wanna-gos.

  6. Ack! Verona is right next to my sister's town (and not far from my mom's). Okay, the wheels in my head are turning now....


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