Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day and Computer Woes

I had a lovely Mother's Day with my kids; Nina made me this awesome apron and this adorable squid ipod holder both of her own design. Ty made me this beautiful vase of origami roses with a promise to clean his room, truly a valuable gift, lol.
In the mean time I have had a series of problems with my laptop culminating in getting my hard drive replaced today. I thought I had backed up everything I could, but after the fact, realized I had not backed up itunes, iphoto or found a way to back up my email. Thank goodness I have my blog since I have a lot of my photos there. But I did loose a potential lengthy blog post tutorial I had been planning. I lost many important emails that I had saved about class bookings etc. Luckily I do have information else where but I like to document things I've discussed.

I switched over to using the mail app on my computer instead of entourage over the weekend and am trying out MobileMe as away to back up email, calendar and important files online.

I have been reinstalling software and setting up email accounts all day and mourning all my lost bookmarks on my browser.


  1. That is an adorable apron, and ipod holder (although at first I thought the latter was a life-size squid -- it looks like you're standing right next to it!)

    Sad news about the hard drive....ack I hate losing files that way, but it has happened too freq.

    My son, my in-house Mac genius bar has set me up with Mobile Me, and now I just need to learn how to use it. G'luck!

  2. That happened to me too, and I'd lost 6 months of iTunes purchases. I wrote them a VERY apologetic email about how I KNEW I was supposed to back up my purchases, and had done some but not all of it...and they very nicely restored all my purchases! WooHoo!

  3. Your gifts are WONDERFUL!

    I feel your MacPain :o( I have taken to buying cheap Flash Drives of 2+ gigs or more and backing up everything and often. For my blog, I first keep a running file in Word, then dump images into my "Blog folder" then copy to the removable cheapy drives (same with my iTunes library). Losing the e-mail history, addresses, details is the worst... sorry.

  4. Oh Judy! I'm so sorry about the computer stuff! That's a good lesson for all of us,huh? Love your gifts...wow-cleaning his room! He must exactly what you wanted!

  5. Oh No! What a bummer Judy!
    I'll be interested to learn how Mobile Me works. As to your Mother's Day presents - well - how can one family be blessed with that kind of talent?! Way to go !

  6. What thoughtful talented kids you have. I love what they created for you! I am sorry to hear about your computer. They seem to be a necessary evil. Hang in there:-)

  7. I love the apron and the ipod squid is awesome! And who would expect real flowers from Origami Boy? Besides, these are longer lasting, right?

    I have saved the flash cards from my camera, just adding to them and not deleting any. They hold more than a CD does! I think I will get the flash drives too, like Cindy and others, suggest.

  8. My computer just crashed also. Luckily I have an ITouch which had all my music and bookmarks on it and I transferred it back to the computer. Bookmarks I have to do 1 at a time, but isn't that what reading my blogs is all about anyway!


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