Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I did not drop off the face of the earth

just cyberspace and I am happy to say my laptop is finally fixed, yay! I kept thinking the problem was resolved, then a day later my computer would run really slow and then freeze up after going to sleep. When I would start it up again I would get a flashing folder with a question mark on it and I would have to return to the Apple store.

I went back 5 times over three weeks, thank goodness for Apple care because it never cost me a penny. They replaced the logic board, the operating system software, the hard drive, a cable connecting the hard drive to the ram and it still had problems.

Then they replaced the new logic board with another one and the problem was finally solved. It seems the second logic board had a faulty port, so all the other stuff was replaced for nothing. It was a pretty unusual problem and not easily figured out. The tech help I got over the phone and at the Genius bar was always prompt and courteous, excellent service even though it was terribly frustrating.

Now I am reinstalling software and files and trying to catch up with soooo much.


  1. I've gone through one logic board repair with mine. But not so bad, when I consider how many years my Mac has run great without any problems. My service warranty was just about to run out when it happened, but it was still good and saved me big bucks!

  2. This sounds like my experience with my Macbook. Frustrated by the number of things to be replaced, but THRILLED with the service (and that it's all covered). Since the last board was replaced, have had no problems! Best wishes with yours :-) !!!

  3. hi judy-- glad you're okay and finally your laptop is fixed. computer problems are so frustrating! (my old pc gets slower and fussier every day.)

    good luck with all the catching up; 3 weeks is enough time for a lot of stuff to pile up!

    glad you're back in cyberspace.

  4. Ugh! I really feel helpless when the computer has problems. At least the Apple guys are easy to work with. Glad you are up and running again!


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