Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Postcards

Last week I got an email from Overnight Prints advertising small quantities of business cards and post cards. The 4" x 6" postcards started at $4.95 for 25, so I figured that was cheap enough to try out several designs. The last time I tried to print postcards they came out too dark and I was not happy with them. I uploaded 5 designs and ordered 25 each. With the small (value) quantities Overnight prints specifies that they are printed on a digital press, when you order 100 or more they are printed on an offset press. I realized a couple days after uploading them that I had forgotten to change my files from RGB to CMYK, so I thought for sure they were going to come out awful. Boy what a pleasant surprise to find them bright, sharp and at my door in less than a week.

On Moon Garden I thought I would try putting the back of the quilt on the back of the card to show the quilting. It worked out pretty good. I really like how they came out.


  1. What a great idea! Looks wonderful and certainly is a marketing help that works.

  2. The postcards are gorgeous! And thanks for the link!

  3. They look great -- especially Moon Garden! I'm going to check it out.

    My brochures came from the printer yesterday. I'm pleased. Thanks for your help!

  4. Judy,
    These look fabulous! I love the way you put the back of Moon Garden on the back of the postcard of it. Very clever! And it came out really well!

  5. these look beautiful, especially the moon garden front & back idea. genius! will have to check this out this source now.

    could you explain why you should change the files from RGB to CMYK, is CMYK format what the printer uses? guess i need to learn more about printing!

  6. Offset printing uses Cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink, so the files need to be in that format so it screens the colors accurately. I suppose since these were printed on a digital printer, the RGB format was fine. Happy accident!

  7. Sweet!! Now I need an excuse to have you send me a postcard!!! I really liked seeing Moon Garden with the light behind it, when it was draped over your sewing table.


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