Friday, April 10, 2009

Surviving the Runway Chicago

If you have been on the fence about coming to Quilt Festival in Chicago, you need to think long and hard about missing Surviving the Runway this year on Saturday night. Quilting Arts editor Pokey Bolton always has something up her sleeve planning this extremely fun event, this year is going to be really wild with an 80's prom theme.

Pokey, Barb and Helen just went shopping for their dresses, you can see that hilarious footage on the Quilting Arts blog. Just think of all that great dance music from the 80's blasting on the convention floor and attendees furiously creating something to impress the judges and win some awesome Quilting Arts prizes. The competition is intense spurring people to do crazy things like put gel medium in their hair! Remember this from Houston last fall?


  1. oh what fun we had in Houston! I sat next to Kathy York who was so caught up in the excitement, that she put gel medium in her hair! You all have a great time at the show.

  2. It was a riot! I'm still not sure what got in to me. That headband is just wrong.

  3. Judy, I have nominated your wonderful Blog for the Kreativ Blogger Award!

  4. Cindy, thanks so much for that recognition!

  5. That first photo looks like y'all are doing the Hokey Pokey. With Pokey, perhaps? Or was Pokey merely being Hokey?

  6. That's Barb and Helen (Pokey's dynamic duo) leading everyone in the popular 70's dance "the hustle".


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