Wednesday, April 01, 2009

If only good health were as easy as taking a pill

March was one long series of illnesses in my house, I really hope that April brings some fresh air and sunshine, I could really use it. I managed to stay healthy the entire month taking care of sick kids, now it is taking it's toll and I am struggling to fight off a cold.

Yesterday, I received a wonderful email that brightened my cold and sniffly day. Diane Barret, who took both my workshops Mixed Media Painted Fabric and Tsukineko inks in Atlanta last August, sent photos of the work she has produced since then using some of the techniques she learned.

Absolutely beautiful Diane, you have been busy!


  1. Love the quilt of young girl learning from mom/aunt/grandmother. It says so much.

  2. Knowing that you have a positive effect on so many folks should make you smile. I always feel like I have NO time to waste being sick - and the older I get the more I resent illness. Try to be good to yourself and get well fast!

  3. dont you love it when you get to see projects your students produce after a class or workshop? i am going to be teaching some low immersion dye workshops in marquette and escanaba in june. the gals i taught in my basement last summer or was it earl fall...anyway, they have just about used up the 20 yards that each one did. another class for them this summer i think. i love to see what they make out of their fabric. i try and tell them the satisfaction of making something out of fabric they turned from plain white to cannot really prepare them for it and they are so pleased when they have completed a project. our biannual quilt show will be really neat with lots of hand dyes in 2010 i am sure. :-)

  4. Great photos you have here. I have a friend who is making things like you and she is using her old cloths. Are you doing the same or you are buying the materials?

  5. Hi Tatiana,

    these quilts were made by one of my students. I believe most of them if not all of them began with white fabric and were painted, using some commercial fabrics in the borders.

    For my work, I do not use old clothes, I dye or paint all my fabric beginning with white cotton.

  6. Sad to hear the family bug visited your house :o( I think it is particularly tough when those of us who are self employed get sick, then we get behind, then we get even more tired trying to get caught up and while everyone is sick, still take care of those we love!

    That quilt(?) of the couple in front of the tree is just LOVELY! You must be so proud to inspire so many.

  7. How delightful to be able to share the work of your students! Needlework can truly be so much more than just needlework, can't it? Thanks (you too, Diane) for the inspiration.


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