Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mixed Media Painted Fabric in Atlanta

These were my fabulous hosts, Kristin and Jan, from Fiber on a Whim. Don't let Kristin's youthful look fool you, she is definitely the boss in this mom and daughter partnership. It's just too bad they are both so darn serious.

Their shop, in a lovely little gray house in Atlanta, is chock full of great supplies; paints, fabric, decorative papers, books and even a whole room full of gorgeous yarns.

They have a great workspace downstairs with really comfortable chairs! I am so jealous there is no place like this here in Chicago. As we worked away downstairs we heard lots of laughter from above, these gals have too much fun!

Everyone did beautiful work! I wish we could have kept going for a few more days and really gotten in some stitching and project construction with this. I hope everyone sends me photos!

It was a real treat to meet Carol Sloan, who took my first online color theory class, then signed up for both days of workshops at Fiber on a Whim. Such faith, I am honored. Be sure to head over to Carols blog, she has great photos from the workshops.

The color theory class is just finishing up and I will announce the next one soon. I will probably start it just after Labor day, so be sure to check back in the coming weeks. Just to let you know, I will probably limit the class to 40 and at the moment I have a waiting list with over 20 people. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Cool pictures! I had sooo much fun Judy. I didn't want to leave...You are an AWESOME teacher and a wonderful artist! I learned so much this weekend, thanks for coming our way! The classes were so timely, right on the heels of the Color Theory Class...(wonderful class btw).

  2. That Does look like So much fu; looks like everyone is happily learning lots!
    Anne L.

  3. OOps; I make funny typos when I am tired!I meant "F-U-N/ FUN"
    LOL Anne L.

  4. You clever cookies, you! It looks like a lot of fun. :)

  5. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Hi Judy, and a hello to Mamie in your class, I met her in a Rayna's class at John Campbell and I see she is still a class junky. Would love to have such a place her in LA. take care, Joan Hutter

  6. Hi Joan, nice to hear from you. Mamie did say she took a lot of classes there, lol.

    With places like this soon we may all know each other :)


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