Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sewing Metal

I know some people might be afraid to sew metal on their sewing machine, so to dispel any fears I thought I would make a short video demonstrating how I sew metal on my Fiesta Ornaments.

If you double click on the vidcast, it will bring you to the youtube site where you can click on "Watch in high quality" to get a much sharper image. You will have to close the previous window though, otherwise both vidcasts will play at once.

I want the thread to show up well against the metal so I use a bright colored heavy weight cotton thread in the top and a matching color thread in the bobbin. Generally I use a top stitch needle, but often I just sew it with whatever needle I have in the machine with no problem.


  1. what kind of machine do you use, i like the needle down and pivot without what looks like lifting the foot. it looks like a more affordable machine cause of the tension dial but i could be wrong.just is the driver not the car

  2. It is a Janome 6500, a very affordable higher end machine. So far it has proved to be a good workhorse. It has a knee lift, locking stitch, needle threader and built in thread cutter; features that rate high in my book.

  3. The ornament is really cool. I would love to see it embossed. Will you be posting that?

  4. Sure, metal is fine. But Julie Upshaw once told me about trying to sew through wood paneling. Ah, not recommended.

  5. Hi Pattie,

    I will be embossing this ornament and several others that I made in Houston during open studios next week. If you would like to see more finished ornaments that have been embossed, follow the link in the post for Fiesta Ornaments.

  6. I like your idea of using metal scrim on fabric art. I wanted to include some 5/8" squares of copper to a postcard when I realized I couldn't possible sew them down....sooooo....I fused them on with Heat N Bond Lite and it worked like a charm!

  7. I sew crazy and fast over 30 gauge :)
    your youtube rocks!
    good luck at the quilt show Judy!

  8. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Judy -
    Lovely little video, nicely done. Congrats and have a great time at Festival. I'm just back from Market and what a blast!

  9. valerie2:39 PM

    where do you purchase or find metal scrim, I have looked everywhere and can not locate any.

  10. Hi Valerie,

    Walnut hollow makes it. You can often find it in larger JoAnn's stores but you can also buy it on the walnut hollow website


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