Sunday, October 26, 2008

The New Quilting Arts book

I just got a copy of The Quilting Arts book. Wow, it covers all you need to know about making art quilts written by Pokey Bolten and an amazing line up of contributing artists. You can see all the chapters and contributors on the table of contents and a sneak peak of several pages by the Kemshells, Laura Wasilowski and Robbi Eklow.

This book is supposed to be a beginner 101 of art quilting but it would be welcome addition to the bookshelf for advanced art quilters too. There are so many different techniques and ideas covered there is plenty to get those creative juices flowing with lots of new things to try. Put this one on your Christmas list!


  1. I received my copy too. It is really comprehensive and the color reproduction in my chapter is right on!

  2. The color in the book is great, incredibly true to the artwork. It has the best color reproduction I have seen of my quilt- Primordial Sea.

  3. of geez, another book....but this one seems to be pretty good. might have to check this one out. keep up the good works judy. aloha nui loa


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