Wednesday, October 22, 2008

MIU Prep

In preparation for my MIU workshop making felted wool ornaments I have been winding embroidery floss onto little cards made from manila folders. Craft Chi came up with the great idea of making decorative floss with these great ornamental designs. I did not take the time to cut them out really nicely since I have wrapped at least 500 of these for the workshops. They are so much cuter than plain cardboard.


  1. What an excellent idea! I can see opening a kit with all those floss cards in it. :-)

  2. See you there Judy. Frieda and I are in Booth 1225 for both Market and Festival just down the isle from you!

  3. I mean aisle. Not isle. Although with enough rain, Houston can be an isle.

  4. WoW - the new minimalist site was a surprise! Can't wait for Houston. Hope to be able to say "hi"!!

  5. Oh, you have my sympathy having to make up all those kits! I try to avoid making kits as much as possible! Have fun at Houston.... as usual I wish I could be there.


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