Saturday, August 11, 2007

Stitches Midwest

Yesterday My daughter Nina and I went to Stitches Midwest. I went because I wanted to fondle yarn, Nina went because she's a good sport. When we got there we saw all these guys with big bags full of gaming and comic book stuff and found out that Wizard World Chicago was also at the convention center. I knew that is where Nina would much rather be. So I told her we would check it out after we looked at yarn.
Wouldn't you know the only picture I took was of this non knitting booth. It was so beautiful. I have seen this booth in several other shows and it always stops me in my tracks because they do such a fabulous job setting it up. It is all very antique-y looking and set up by color groupings. I am sorry to say I forgot to note the name and this picture does not even come close to capturing how wonderful it is.

I was trying to be good and not buy any more yarn because I have several projects on the needles now, but I could not resist trying this sock yarn. It is called Tofutsies. It is made from superwash wool, soy silk, cotton and Chitin (a product made from crab and shrimp shells!) See the little crab on the label. I also picked up a pattern book for a couple sweaters that I have been wanting.

After we finished looking at yarn, we went down to check out The Wizards conference. It was $28 each to get in! (we passed) Boy are those guys making some money, they were not hurting for attendance. I guess all those 20 something year old guys in attendance are using all the money their peers spend on dating.


  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    i really love your work. keep it up!

  2. I think I would have been in heaven on both counts! Perusing colorful art supplies and those MtG cards also have some beautiful artwork on them too!

    I wonder why artists have such a penchant for collecting colorful art supplies? Sometimes I think we are the birds are the waking human world... art is our wings and we line our 'nests' with beautiful supplies to augment the artistic eggs we hatch!

    Great choice in yarn to bring home! Hope the 'egg' you hatch from it is enjoyable to make using it!

  3. It's Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods and I love that booth too. I don't know who was poking more fun at who--the knitters at the wizards, or the wizards at the knitters!

  4. I just found this blog by chance. (Yes you're still on the main Blogger page). Thought I'd check out a few, and can't believe how great your images are so had to comment. I've never understood quilts etc, but seeing this blog has made me think twice. What a great art form?

    I just sold a load of 'National Geographic Magazines' (15yrs worth) to a young lady. When I asked her what she was going to do with them, she said she was an artist and found them great for 'inspiration'.

    It doesn't look like you're in much need for that. Looks like you're getting your well-deserved appreciation from 'Blogger'.

    Good luck,


  5. :o)))
    i love your work
    Kiss for you
    and Good luck :o))

  6. dragonfly
    I love that analogy! I think it is so true. last night my daughter asked if i was a packrat. I was surprised she asked, sort of seems obvious to me, but I guess it is selective in nature. Anything that is an art supply or potentially somthing that can be used in/for/to make art I keep. After I answered yes, she said "oh that's where I get it from"

    those National geographics are treasure for an artist. Every time we move I go through the stacks of ours and tear out all the fabulous pictures that I am drawn to and put them in a file. there are bits from those photos in several of my quilts.

  7. I love stitching and your site is wonderful. I am from India, why not just come to my site:
    You can get some artistic inspiration there. thanks

  8. You have a lovely and interesting blog. Well done!

  9. What beautiful work you do. I tried once to make a quilt and it was lopsided. My great-grandmother gave me one of her quilt when I was nine. I used it for many years on my bed now it's kept on a quilt rack. I wish you lock in the judging of the quilt. It's extraordinary.

  10. Wow! I enjoyed seeing your work.
    Searching Blogger and noticed something about you. My name is Eliabeth Grace. I like to knit. Do not know anything about quilting.

    Keep in touch,

  11. hmmm.. Nice work ! this is something that attracts me towards artists, their vision to see (notice infact) the painted colors..

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  13. Hello just passing by.Great work.I love it. Maybe if you have time

    My blog is about my graphic+textile work. good luck

  14. I have a random question. I love how the cuff of the TOFUtsies socks is coming out. I'm also buying some after work. What pattern are you using?

  15. I just started with a twisted rib cuff to test it out. It is a knit one purl one ribbing. the only difference is that you knit into the back of the loop on the knit stitches. it makes the rib pattern have more definition.


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