Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mitsuwa Grocery

Chicago does not have a Little Tokyo or Japan Town but out in the suburbs there is Mitsuwa Marketplace. It has a full grocery, book store and food court. This is one of my kids favorite places to go. On a recent trip out to the northwest burbs we stopped by. Nina's loves the book store, she always stocks up on manga and some Japanese goth/rock magazines where all the guys look like girls. Make up, hair, frilly blouses, really you can't tell. Androgyny seems to be a big part of the younger generation in Asia, just look at Nina's boy dolls.

I like to check out the great selection of Japanese crafting books and Ty usually buys more origami paper, because like all artists, one can never have too much paper, fabric, paint...
After we hit the book store we grabbed some lunch in the food court. Ty finished off his sushi meal with a green tea parfait. It was breath taking. Soft serve vanilla and green tea ice cream swirled over layers of cake, green tea jelly, red beans topped with green tea syrup, little blue mochi and a cookie.

He was very reluctant to share.


  1. I used to work in Arlington Heights, and this was my #1 favorite place to eat. I can't find Dim Sum like that at those prices anywhere.

    I'm also a foodie, so the fresh market and imports feed my need for tummy porn!

  2. I wish I had known about this store when I was in Chicago! Like your new blog design -- very nice!

  3. i found out about your blog thanks to the Blogger team who have put your blog on Blogs of Note. I think your work is very pretty...but i am curious....
    i went to your daughter's blog, and i noticed she mentions her doll, Shiro often. Is Shiro a guy or girl?

  4. Shiro is a very lovely guy doll. i think all the boy dolls have very feminine features.The only way to tell the difference i think is to look at the bodies.


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