Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Headin down east

I am flying to Maine with the kids today. I will be staying with my sister in Portland. We used to go here all the time with my dad when we were little.We will make art, go to the beach,
and eat yummy stuff like this.
We also will be going to my dads house in Kittery to visit family. This will be more difficult because it will be my first time back since my dad died this spring. Eating a lobstah dinnah just won't be the same without him.

Later next week we will go see my good friend Frances Alford, who now lives part of the year in Grafton, VT in this gorgeous house and part of the year in Austin, TX. Frances travels a lot and tells a good story. She writes about her adventures abroad and the challenges of daily life all with a sharp Texas sense of humor here.

I will probably be off line a couple days with travel and getting settled. Check back soon.


  1. I have been enjoying your blog and your posts about your quilts. I was so surprised to see that you're heading toward Kittery. We lived there for two years until last summer. I loved our time there, and our outings to Ft. Foster park. Enjoy your time there - although I'm sure it will be bittersweet without your dad.

  2. Have fun, and I'm sure the trip will be quite inspirational, though it seems traditional for you to go there!

  3. I was on my blogspot dashboard page and thought I'd look at some of the "blogs of note". Painted Threads piqued my curiosity and I was mesmerized by your art quilts, particularly your sea pieces and stem cells. I once thought of being a medical illustrator but chose graphic and exhibition design instead...but that was years ago. If you get a chance while experiencing "the way life should be", vist my blog:
    I live in East Boothbay but spent half of the year sailing in Central America, exploring the sea life you so beautifully depict.
    I'm sorry about the passing of your father. I lost my mother last month so I know how difficult it is, especially coming back to Maine and all the wonderful memories of him. have a joyous vacation.

  4. Anonymous7:06 PM

    Sounds like fun. I like your blog- keep up the good work.

  5. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Wow that is an absolutely gorgeous house! I love it.

  6. Wow, I clicked to read your blog at random and I just so happen to live in Maine. I hope you enjoy your stay. :)

  7. Have fun there.
    I just came across your blog in 'blogs of note'. I'm new and thought I would have a look.
    Anyway, sounds like a nice trip and I hope you enjoy it.

  8. Have a great time Judy. No wonder we haven't seen you at the beach all summer. I recall from my Mass. trip in July that the Lake Michigan beach does not compare to the ocean!

    My aunt Sue lives in Kittery.

  9. Very nice blogspot! Thanks for the peek. Kittery photos bring back fond memories of living in New Hampshire!

  10. You have a beautiful all the artwork!! :)

  11. May i ask how you got this layout?is their a site that gives free layout html's?

  12. Kam,
    if you look at the bottom of my blogpage there is a note by geckofly or something. you should be able to click that to get to the page where we found this template.

  13. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Lucky you to be vacationing in such a pretty spot. Are you going to be seeing THE Frances Alford,the fiber artist? She is one of my favorites. Love the blog. Keep up the good work.

    Violette Severin

  14. thanks Violette,

    I will be visiting THE Frances Alford. She and I have been friends for 10 years, since we started an art quilt group in Austin TX with 4 other women. We have made 7 group quilts together over the years. Our last one Fauna was featured in Quilting Arts magazines April/May issue.


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