Friday, August 11, 2006

Metal for quiltlets

A few people have asked what kind of metal I used for the tin quiltelts. I used 36 gauge aluminum tooling foil. You can buy it in rolls from art or craft stores. It is soft enough to use scissors on, but they may get dull pretty fast cutting through metal.


  1. I love my chicken made from this metal stuff. Thank you so much!
    My chicken goes with me everywhere and acts a protective armor in case some crazy dog wants to chase me (like George).

  2. Judy,
    Great to see you today. Send me your email. I have it on another computer and can't access it but I want to send you pics.

  3. Anonymous3:32 AM

    Love your blog! The quilts are amazing. The cake is great too. I'm going to try your recipe but you didn't post the frosting recipe? Is it just regular chocolate frosting and.....?

    Molly in Washington~

  4. Molly, I always just use the canned frosting with this cake.


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