Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Chicken for Laura

Back in May Laura Wasilowski and Frieda Anderson had birthdays and I made them each a tin quiltlet. Laura loves and collects chickens and Frieda loves her dog George, now famous for helping Frieda break her ankle a day before her trip to Australia earlier this year while chasing a squirrel.
Saturday we will be celebrating their birthdays as well as Emily Parson and Anne Lullie's birthdays (also in May) at Melody's house. It is not easy finding a day when they are all in the same place at the same time.


  1. these are so unique and lovely! the gathering sounds splendid too!

  2. Oh, I love these!

    What size are they? Oh this would be a fun project.

  3. this morning i saw an artist on Carol DuValle using a metal tin tape and wondered if this is what you used?


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