Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Prepping fabric

I have so much on my plate that I have very little creative time right now, but I did pull out paint and fabric to prepare for my next teaching gig in Springfield MO for the Ozark Quilters show next month. It was a really nice break from paperwork, computer time and purging.

You can see the paint is pulled to the top of the creases in the fabric. The fabric on the bottom against the plastic is the lightest, staying damp the longest. Many times I turn the fabric over when the top feels dry, to further dry the underside, but also to encourage a little more creased staining on that side.

This method works great for more contrasty stained fabric with very light overall areas and darker creased stains. For a more overall colorful fabric (like this purple one) brush straight paint or a less diluted solution on damp fabric with a paintbrush, then crumple fabric to dry. 
Once it's dry it takes some serious ironing to get all the wrinkles out, usually requiring extra steam or spritzing with water while ironing.

Click here for a photo tutorial of the process. 


  1. I really like how that comes out. I do dry outside when I can and love how the sun gives the stains and dyes, a whole different look as it evaporates.


  2. I find that painting like this is a freeing process..and when it dries I love to add another layer of iridescent paint. There is still room for further mark making! Lovely, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. This looks great with lots of fun :-)
    Love it.

  4. Thank you so much !!


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