Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How Long Does It Take To Bind A Quilt?

Evidently for me, a traditional quilt binding can take 9 years, lol.

I don't make many utilitarian quilts and I've never liked sewing traditional quilt bindings, but I made this 'modern' quilt for the bedroom we renovated in our house in Austin Texas almost 10 years ago!
Front                                                                                    Back

Shortly after the room in Austin was finished, we moved back to Los Angeles and 2 years later we moved to Chicago. I guess with all the work of moving and resettling twice in a fairly short period of time, I kind of lost steam and forgot about finishing the quilt.

I decided, it was time to finish the quilt before I pack it up and was shocked when I counted how many years that quilt has been without a binding.

I look forward to sleeping under this quilt in a few months when I get resettled in Northern California!


  1. That's such a beauty, Judy! I think you should submit it as a story to Quilt Modern (new mag out now, think I have the title right...) Quick question, the close-up of the binding, is that the front or the back of the quilt? I want to produce more and having a way to not hand sew the binding would be wonderful!

  2. Thanks Kelly! I think that's the front. I hate hand sewing, so I sew the whole binding on by machine, otherwise it would probably take me another 9 years, lol!

  3. This is a beautiful quilt! I love the muted colors and the pattern is very interesting. I only bind by hand because mine doesn't look anything like yours when done on the machine. Yours is perfect!

  4. lol, hardly perfect Bee, but I have a fair amount of dexterity with a sewing machine after all these years. I'm sure it would be received very critically by a quilt judge, but no judge will be sleeping under it, so it's good enough for me :-)

  5. I love that the quilt is reversible. It really looks great! Are all of the fabrics your own hand dyes?

  6. Thanks Lisa! Yes they are my hand dyes, in our Texas house I had a great space to dye fabric. I've hardly dyed fabric since then, hopefully I'll be able to find a place where I can dye fabric again with the next move.

  7. I really LOL'd here. I so have this problem. Your quilt is quite beautiful & I hope it still goes with your new diggs! (if not, you could send it to me, just sayin...) I love also that you top stitch the binding from the front. I always struggle to keep that 'stitch in the ditch' invisible but I like the way it looks on yours!

  8. Judy,
    This one is gorgeous! Consider entering it in the QuiltCon modern quilt convention in Austin.

    ps. love the front and the back!!

  9. thanks Kathy! I hadn't thought of that.


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