Thursday, July 12, 2012

Emboss some metal at Road to California next January

I am excited to be teaching at Road to California for the first time next January. Registration started Sunday and I can't believe 3 of my 4 classes are already filled!

My Heavy Metal Play Day class on Sunday still has room in it though, if you'd like to change things up a bit and try something new.

It's a fun, relaxing class, no stressing out over matching points or even stitches here! 

The cool thing is it has very short supply list (pencil, paintbrush and cup for water) and everyone in the class gets a $29 tool kit free! 

Check out some of the great work done in previous classes.

free motion quilting designs were this students inspiration for the peice with the leaves
It's amazing the kind of dimension you can get with the copper

A little color added with alcohol inks

Take a break from stitching for a Heavy Metal Play Day!


  1. Can you share where you get the metal and the weight of it?

    Is this the same metal that you sew through on some projects?

  2. Hi Marque,

    The metal is from Walnut Hollow, you can buy it at most Joannes stores or directly from Walnut Hollow on their website.

    This is the metal I sew on, the aluminum is very light weight and can be stitched thru very easily on any sewing machine. The copper is a heavier gauge, which makes it ideal for intricate embossing detail and depth. I sew it as well, but not all machines will.

    Your sewing machine needs to have metal gears, usually the higher end brands like Bernina and Pfaff do. I have a Janome that wont sew through two layers of canvas, so I know it would give me problems with the copper.

  3. Hey
    Great post I must say, Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward for more information on this issue.

  4. DO you actually sew on the copper? and how heavy is the copper? I can't imagine sewing on metal. How does it effect the machine. Ijust happened to come across you blog while trolling from one blog to another and this is very surprising. Do you have classes on any other day besides Sunday. I live in Stockton and wouldn't be able to go to a class on Sunday if I should wnat totake a class and what do you charge?

  5. Ferellee,
    I do sew on copper and aluminum. The aluminum is very easy to sew on any machine and it will not hurt your machine in any way, sewing denim is more difficult. The copper is heavier, I dont know the gauge off the top of my head, but you can sew it if you have a machine with metal gears (Bernina, Pfaff) some of the other brands wont sew thru it, but they will also give you problems with heavy denim usually as well.

    My other classes at Road to CA are already filled, the sunday class is the only one with openings. When I teach at conventions and guilds the price of the class is set by the organizers.

    I will be moving to Sacramento in late fall, so hopefully i will have more opportunities to teach in CA in the future.


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