Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Northern California Farmers Market Love

I have been staying with my parents in Davis and a friend in Sacramento, really getting a feel for the area, since this is where I'll be moving in the fall. Can you tell I am in love with the farmers markets?

I love the amazing variety of fresh, ripe fruits and vegetables available in the central valley where pretty much everything is grown and you can see plenty of seafood and things like grass-fed beef, it's not so plentiful in Chicago.

This Sacramento market is under the freeway! Excellent use of space and shady and cool too!

I want to try everything, like these baseball sized melons!

Tomatoes!!! of every shape and variety.

I want to cook this two color squash!

So much color!

and texture! I love the way these bitter melon look, such an interesting vegetable.


  1. I love farmers markets, everything is so much yummier!

  2. Wow - I can see a beautiful stitched work in your future inspired by the market - Those wrinkly tomatoes are called "ugly tomatoes" here (in Beaufort SC) and they are the sweetest tomatoes ever!

  3. I thought that was the freeway above. Is it not noisy with all the cars passing over? Everything at the farmer's market is so fresh and beautiful. We can't get much in the way of local produce here ... most everything is flown in from surrounding countries. Enjoy! And have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  4. Every time we go west i find myself in farmers markets as we travel by RV. They are fun, the best was in Santa Fe as it has an artist sset up near by. California has the best veggies and fruit. Don't really like grass fed beef OK with sheep.

  5. Tammy, I never really noticed the sound of the freeway. It's pretty high up overhead and it was just pretty noisy period with so many people.


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