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Taping Quilting Arts TV season 900

Susan Bruebaker Knapp, Elin Waterston, Me, and Candy Glendening,
after a wonderful dinner at Taza Lebanese Grill
These are the artists who were taping on Tuesday and Wednesday in Cleveland. Susan and I emailed before hand and arranged to meet at the airport on Monday and Candy's flight also happened to arrive when mine did, so we had a nice little reunion in baggage.

Setting up
The first segment I taped was about removing color and adding it back in to fabric with two different products that are similar in that they are non toxic alternatives to bleach, yet very different in how they are used.

I demonstrated multiple techniques with each product. A few reverse shibori techniques with Color Remover by RIT and painting, stamping and thermofax with DeColourant

By the way, my daughter Nina designed the thermofax image I used and Lyric Kinard made the screen.

Preshoot photo
We're on...

Shown here on the monitor: the first half of the segment was about using Color Remover by RIT. This stuff is soooo cool, I wish I had played with it sooner. It is a non toxic alternative to bleach for discharging that is activated by hot water and neutralized by rinsing in cool water! I showed several easy alternative ways that I discovered to use it besides boiling it on the stove.

Working with both products in one shoot was a lot to cover, the segment could have easily run twice as long.

Susan was great about taking photos while the show was taping from the tv in the green room.
There's my hair hanging in my face again, film crew doesn't like that, lol

QA Editor extraordinaire Helen Gregory with Susan Bruebaker Knapp preparing for her taping.

Some extra makeup to get us through the day.

Candy stopped in after lunch to start setting up for the DVD she was taping the next day. Isn't this color chart amazing? Candy is a college biology professor and this is her Candiotic table of elemental color. The upper left triangle are all the colors created by the dye primaries, cyan (turquoise), lemon yellow and fuchsia and the lower right are colors created by using cerulean, tangerine and mixing red.

notice barrette in place for following segments, lol 
My second segment was about different methods I use to create freemotion quilting designs with the Christmas Tree Skirt I designed for Quilting Arts Gifts last year.

This is the sound guy who puts our microphones on, sitting down at the Bernina. Maybe we should teach him to sew, we could use a few more cute guys in the quilt world.

 My last segment was about painting fabric with acrylic inks.

I love the way the inks create such beautiful texture and layer over each other.

It was a fun, exciting and always a bit nerve wracking day of taping. The crew for the show is wonderful to work with, but I'm always worried I'll forget something crucial, either a specific tool for a segment or an important bit of information to say on set.

Now I can give a sigh of relief, to have it all behind me and catch up with so many things that have been put on the back burner for way too long, but first I need to start writing an article for Quilting Arts magazine on the techniques I showed in the segment on removing color.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


  1. Wow! That is a lot of information to cover in such a short period of time! I ordered some inks after you mentioned the half off sale from Dick Blick. They are beautiful. Now I just need to find myself in one of your classes so I learn how to use them. In the meantime I'll look forward to seeing your segment on TV.

  2. As always, amazing! I am looking forward to Season 900! You look beautiful, even with your hair in your face.;D Wishing you a fun filled weekend.

  3. Thanks Jeannie! ;-)

  4. Seems like being able to be calm, cool and creative while be filmed would be sooo hard! You seem to do it with style and grace :) How exciting -YOU LOOK GOOD TOO!!!

  5. Thanks Cindy! It get easier each time I do it, I think I am up to 10 episodes now.

    The time taping each segment is always hard, it goes very fast. You have to kind of judge how long to spend on each technique; just enough time to get the information across, but not so long that you run out of time for the remaining steps to demonstrate.

  6. It was so awesome to spend time with you - you were very supportive and helpful. ANd you reminded me, I've gotta write up a pattern for that pillow! Yikes! ;-)

  7. Anonymous6:03 PM

    ....your work is great.....and I love your hair striking!....i remember when you talked about letting it grow out....good decision!....


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