Friday, July 22, 2011

What fun I've been having!

I arrived in LA friday afternoon, met a friend for a drink in Santa Monica by the beach, then headed to The Los Angeles County Museum of Art to meet up with my college roommate Amy, who I stayed with over the weekend. Lucky me! Amy is the head designer at the museum and she gave me VIP tickets to see the Tim Burton exhibit, I am a huge Tim Burton fan.

After seeing the amazingly inspirational exhibit, I met up with several architect friends I used to work with 20 years ago as a graphic designer. Now, these guys own a successful architectural firm in Hollywood. We went to dinner at a fantastic Mediterranean Tapas restaurant called Cleo on Hollywood and Vine. After dinner, we had a drink on the rooftop patio and stopped to take a silly photo in the lobby, too fun, I love these guys!

In the morning, I went to breakfast with Amy and several of her friends, who are museum textile curators and heard about their amazing project designing a textile museum for the Queen of Thailand. These are a couple of their recent books.

While in Silverlake, I took a lovely morning walk and came upon this fence embellished with tiny painted chairs,

beautifully aged by the elements.

I miss gardens filled with bougainvillea, cacti and succulents,

I love this prehistoric grass!

In the afternoon, we stopped by my favorite art supply store in Glendale, Swains, to pick up some matte medium for my class in Idyllwild and had to admire the life size stuffed dogs in the window.

This one reminds me of a friend's dogs in Chicago :-)

You know you are in California, when the corner store sells pot!

My last night in LA, we ate dinner on Amy's patio and were visited by two skunks several times, luckily they waddled away with some gentle shooshing. They were so pretty, but I was a little nervous about getting sprayed the day before leaving to teach, lol!

Obviously we were disturbing their dinner plans, as you can see by the big raccoon who came by to eat the cat food, after we went inside.

Today, I fly to Northern California for the weekend with my mom, I'll post pics of my fantastic time in Idyllwild tomorrow. 


  1. What a great time! I'd LOVE to see the Tim Burton museum, he's one of my absolute favorites!!!

  2. Just returned from a trip to Northern CA, the promised land, well it is heaven.

  3. Fun place, filled with lots of inspiration.


  4. Is it just me who sees a face in the right hand cactus?

  5. Looks like you are having a wonderful trip. Your big beautiful grin says it all!

  6. Wish I knew about Swains when I visited LA back in May! Sounds awesome. I bookmarked it for my next trip. Love the pictures of your travels.

  7. Great photos! Makes me miss So. Cal.

  8. i miss my succulent garden, it was huge and so many different kind. my sister in california has an incredible succulent collection. ive tried growing them up her in da UP and no way...they just shrivel up and die come winter...i do have a couple in the house thou :-)


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