Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A Sunny Day at the Antique Market

After getting rained out last month, it was so nice to spend a sunny day walking around the antique market down the street. I love living in the city! This was the day for seeing lots of awesome type, this thrills the graphic designer in me to no end.

When I was 18 and a student at Santa Rosa Junior College in California, I was the campus poster person for the student activities office. I designed posters for campus activities on an old letterpress machine using type just like this. I wish I could go back and use that press now, what fun I would have.

This is the type I couldn't live without.

I think these one foot tall letters spelling CUTE should be mounted on the wall over the bathroom mirror, for those days when one needs a little reminder :-)

My dog, Abby, grazing with the elephants.

Put a bird on it!

Beautiful glass!

I love this vintage store sewing machine parts bin.

It even had some needles still in it.

Indigo (nina) and I had a great day!


  1. What a neat antique market! I wished we had something like that around here.

  2. That looks like stuff that would make me crazy trying to figure out what I really needed versus what I wanted to buy. I love the letters and will watch for them in a future project. Also wanted to mention how much I enjoyed the Tsukineko Inks class with you and Nina in St. Paul last month. Thanks for joining us for dinner. You and Nina are a special pair!

  3. Aw, thanks Deb, I had so much fun in St Paul, wonderful classrooms, students, organizers...we had a great time at dinner thanks so much for inviting us along.

    I know what you mean about the antique market, I try not to bring a credit card but only a bit of cash, because there are way too many cool things you want to buy!

  4. Lots of wonderful things for inspiration and creating art pieces, with.


  5. This looks interesting - lots of good stuff :-)
    Understand you had a great day

  6. I literally swooned when I saw the press blocks. I have a small collection and love their graphic qualities. Your idea of CUTE over the mirror is wonderful. We all have those days when we need a little encouragement. Thanks for sharing your day.

  7. LUCKY DUCKY!!! We don't have anything like that up here in Alaska :( I would soooo buy everything -so probably a good idea we don't have a huge outdoor antique market! I LOVE letterpress type AND those chairs in the background, and the VINTAGE SIGNS -holy cow! perfect day for the two of you :o)

  8. Wow! I am overwhelmed with the awesomeness of the items you photographed. It really is a good thing I don't attend these types of events. I could easily get into a lot of trouble!

  9. I miss antiquing/flea marketing. I haven't done it in way too long!

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  11. I want every. single. one. of those letterpress letters!

  12. How fun and very inspirational....I always want to go home and create after walking thru a flea/antique market.


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