Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring has sprung in Quilting Arts

I just got the new issue of Quilting Arts magazine in the mail today.

What a great spring issue! Loaded with flower themed imagery, just what those of us in the gloomy, cold north need, to remind us that it really is spring!

Paula Chung's gorgeous floral silk quilt is on the cover and inside she has an interview with Pokey featuring a lot more photos of her painterly lustrous silk quilts.

My friend Jane LaFazio has a wonderful article on stitched sketches, I have an article on using Acrylic Inks

and on the next page my good friend Laura Wasilowski has an article on zen doodle quilts!


  1. I'm in Chicago at the moment. My first grandchild arrived on Saturday morning, a girl, so I won't get to see my magazine until I get home next week.

  2. How lovely -just what I need is a splash of color in my mailbox! Thanks for the sneak peek :o) I have to resist rushing over to Barnes & Noble to buy a copy and wait for mine in the mail!

  3. I agree!! It was a wonderful surprise to find in my mailbox--so early. I went right back and started reading it cover to cover (love your info on acrylic inks!). I have even started planning a mini-quiltlet using the many flower inspirations.

  4. I've been toying with the idea of buying the inks ever since you talked about them on your blog. My lack of confidence in my painting abilities has kept me from making the investment. Your article is wonderful and has set me to thinking about just going for it again.

  5. I was so happy to open my magazine and see your article. I am stretching and growing thanks to you and QA. If someone had told me 5 years ago that I would enjoy painting, I would have questioned their sanity. LOL! I have found that I love it. Thanks Judy!

  6. @Judy, Congrats on the new grandchild!!!! Too bad the weather couldn't have been a little more spring like while you're here, but I'm sure you're hardly even noticing that ;-)

  7. @Virginia, Lisa and Jeannie, I am glad I have encouraged you to move out of your comfort zone and try something new ;-)

  8. This is what makes QA great! They put lots of my favorite people in every issue. I loved your article...someday...someday.

  9. So glad to have an artcle in the magazine and be in such good company!


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