Saturday, March 26, 2011

Are you going to International Quilt Festival Long Beach?

July and International Quilt Festival, Long Beach will be here before you know it. I am so excited, I love being in Southern California and teaching in Long Beach. The class catalog is out and registration has begun, so I wanted to let you know I will be teaching three classes this year.

Thursday, July 28
Tsukineko All Purpose Inks
Tsukineko Inks have a broad range of applications for painting fabrics. You'll learn effective blending and shading techniques, working with wet and dry brush application methods on white fabric and light hand dyes. You will be amazed at what these inks can do.

PS this class has a required supply fee for the basic color set of inks, if you want to take the class but already own these ink colors, email me after you have registered and I can arrange to order 12 additional colors to supplement the colors you already have.

Friday, July 29
Heavy Metal Play Day
Spend a day working with craft metal and discover a variety of ways you can add flash to your mixed media projects. Learn several embossing techniques, working with an assortment of tools to create designs with dimension and texture on aluminum and copper. Methods for joining metal  to other media and adding color with alcohol inks will also be explored.

Each student in this class will receive a Creative Metal Tool kit ($29 value) and aluminum and copper metal courtesy of Walnut Hollow.

Saturday, July 30 
Tea & Ephemera
Your mixed media cup will runneth over while exploring a number of ways to add visual texture and imagery to mixed media work with tea bags, yes, I said tea bags! printed abaca paper, colored pencils, textile paint, rubber stamps, transfers and paint sticks.


  1. I would love to try the tsukineko inks. I use their walnut stains and would like to try painting too. I have used watercolor and acrylic, but find the watercolors bleed too much and the acylics are stiff.


  2. Debbie, you will love tsukineko inks then, they can be bright, dark or pale and soft. You can layer color the way you do with watercolors but they do not bleed as long as you remember to heat set them while working and they do not change the hand of the fabric at all.

  3. Deep Sigh . . .wishing I could join you there. Sounds like so much fun! Do you like the tsukineko inks better than the Daler-Rowney inks? Or are they about the same?

  4. Hi Lisa,

    The tsukineko inks are different from the FW's. The Tsukineko inks look more like a dye on the fabric, very clear. I teach two different methods for working with them, I find people always gravitate towards one method over the other. The first is with the fantastix tools and the other is with a paint brush and mixing inks in a palette.

    I think the comparison might be like the difference between watercolors and acrylics, they are both paint but the way they look and feel on the surface is different.

    I don't prefer one over the other, I like using them both.

  5. I registered for the Tsukineko Inks class - keeping my fingers crossed.

    See you Teacher:)

  6. Yay Jojo, see you in July!

  7. Two friends and I are signed up for your Tsukineko inks class at the Minnesota Guild Show in St. Paul in June. I am so excited about learning this process, and about meeting you. I love your blog and it has opened up worlds of creative thinking "outside the box" for me. Thanks!

  8. Hi Deb,
    Are you Mary's friend? She mentioned she and a couple friends were taking the class. Looking forward to seeing you there


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